Our Services 

The laboratory offers a wide scope of analysis, and one of the strengths of the service is that the technical experts will engage with customers to discuss, assess and assist with non-standard work. 

 Primary Sample Preparation

We recently expanded our primary sample preparation facility to offer a full bulk sample preparation service. All samples are dried, and prepared to the required specification through crushers, splitters (we use rotary splitters) and pulverisation. Additionally, we offer full sample size screening and full particle size analysis is also available (sieve method).

Geochemical Analysis

The laboratory is well equipped to serve an extensive range of geochemical analysis. Key techniques are elemental analysis by spectrophotometry analysis, which include determination of majors, minors, trace and ultra-trace elements in a range of matrices, and combustion techniques, including carbon, sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen by Leco. Sample preparation includes a comprehensive range of peroxide fusions, acid digestions and microwave digestion.

The laboratory also has extensive expertise in leaches, and is competent in the analysis of waste and the leaches, for waste characterisation and classification, as per the National Waste Act and its regulations.

 XRF Analysis

Offering a full spectrum of XRF analysis, either by pressed pellet or fusion bead preparation, the laboratory is equipped to manage a significant throughput of samples on a range of commodities. The division is accredited for Fe and Mn ores, and participate in proficiency testing schemes for a number of other commodities, including Cr-ore, base metals, heavy minerals, limestone and coal ashes.

We also do density of solids by gas pycnometry.

 Environmental (Water & Waste) Analysis

With most of the water testing methods being accredited, the laboratory offers a number of packages that meets the different national regulations, e.g. SANS 241 Drinking Water, DWA irrigation water, DEA potable (surface) water, ground water, effluent and sewage. 

Speciality analysis include Cr(VI). BOD and total cyanides.

Microbiological Analysis (Water and Food Matrices)

Our sister laboratory UIS Microbiology offers microbiology analysis over a wide range of pathogens and matrices.