Important Notice to our Customers

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Published Date Written by Immo Blecher

Due to global economic circumstances our Company recently had to do a few changes to our quoting and invoicing policies, which are effecting small analysis requests and/or new or COD customers.



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Published Date Written by Sara Prins

Message from Jan Serfontein, Chair of Board of Directors.

It was with real felt sentiment that the Board of Directors of UIS Analytical Services accepted the resignation of Mr. Immo Blecher, the company’s Managing Director. Immo has been involved with UIS from its inception in 2003, and under his leadership the Company grew to a major player in its field in South Africa and Africa.

 This development provided the company with the opportunity to review its management structure, and to introduce a few subtle changes, fundamentally, to the benefit of the customer-base, and also the business.

 The Board of Directors is excited to announce that Ms. Sara Prins, the current Operations Manager of UIS Analytical Services, has been promoted to General Manager. Her mandated focus will be to enhance and enrich existing customer relationships and to build new associations, as well as the expansion of the accreditation scope of the Company.

 The roles and responsibilities of key personnel are reorganised to specifically enhance our service towards our clients, and each technical section is now managed by a Head of Division. The Heads of Divisions are responsible for the technical activities of the sections, as well as the day-to-day client interaction.

 As part of the drive for an enhanced customer service and improved turn-around times, an investment in equipment has been approved. Other changes, smaller but not less significant, will ensure that you as our client, will receive a more efficient service from our support functions as well.

 On a strategic level, Mr. Japie Oberholzer has been appointed to the Board as Non-Executive Director. We are looking forward to the technical knowledge and insight Japie will be bringing to the Board.

We look forward to embark on this exciting new future for UIS Analytical Services and trust that you and your company, as our client, will be the benefactors of this adjustment in focus and attention.

Thank you for your continuous support.


Bulk primary sample preparation

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Published Date Written by Sara Prins


We embarked on realising a long-term wish in 2016, and now finally have in place our dream: a comprehensive bulk primary sample preparation facility.

Sample preparation is the most important step in any analysis, hence it is critical that any bulk sample is treated in the best way to not only maintain its integrity but also to ensure that the final few grams that is used for analysis inside the laboratory is a representative sample of the bulk that was received.

Our new facility has capacity to handle anything from small samples to both bulk numbers of samples or bulk weight samples. We offer ample drying facilities, access to a number of crushers, splitters and pulverisers, as well as compositing of samples. At each stage our dedicated and competent team follow international best practices and standards, including recording the mass of the sample through every stage of preparation.

Finally, we also offer on-site storage of your bulk sample reserve for 3 months free of charge if it is submitted to the laboratory for analysis.sara

Please contact Vivian van Wyk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 012 665 4291 for more information or a quotation.

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