Certificate of Registration with the NNR

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Published Date Written by Sharon Banks

Radionuclides are present in all naturally occurring minerals and raw materials. Of regulatory importance are the radioactive isotopes in uranium, thorium, radium and potassium. These materials are commonly referred to as Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). In some instances the levels of NORM are quite considerable and thus restrictive procedural controls are required.

It is vital that all companies handling such material register with the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR). Audits and inspections are carried out by the NNR to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and the conditions as specified in the certificate of registration (COR).

Typical operations handling NORM include;

BulletMining, exploration and processing;
BulletClearance/rehabilitation of contaminated areas;
BulletRecycling of contaminated material and
BulletLaboratory analyses of NORM samples.

UIS-AS is registered with the national authority and may analyse radioactive samples as per the certificate, COR-262, that may be viewed by clicking here.

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