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Published Date Written by Immo Blecher

UIS Analytical Services provides a wide variety of analytical services and regards itself as market leader in certain analytical techniques. This was achieved through many years of experience of the staff and by maintaining at the forefront of technology regarding instrumentation and methods.

UIS is therefore a one-stop partner for:

  • Bulk sample preparation of geological rock, soil and mineral samples
  • A large choice of qualitative and quantitative analyses for different sample matrices
  • Routine major and minor element analyses using a variety of techniques (ICP-OES, XRF, UV-VIS, IC, auto-titration, LECO etc.)
  • Analysis of trace and ultra-trace constituents by ICP-MS
  • Environmental analysis for pollutants in air, soil and water (ICP-MS and GC/GC-MS through UIS Organic Laboratory) and bacteriological and viral contamination
  • Consultative assistance with geological exploration programmes
  • Special advisory and consulting services on set-up, automation and management of field and on-site laboratories

UIS is constantly expanding its range of services to include analyses that are either presently outsourced to other laboratories at the cost of turn-around time and possibly poorer quality, or not readily available in South Africa. Most recent method developments include the analysis of total cyanide, phenols, ammonia and several radio-nuclides, all parameters that have become important in recent environmental investigations.

In order to submit samples to our laboratory you will be required to complete a sample submission form (request for analysis) which is available here or at the sample receipt area of our offices.

Please also make sure to read the Terms and Conditions of Service, which you can find here.

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